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Not for scopophobes

32 min 32 sec ago
Try to win a staring game against Dali (or a campbell's soup can or a giraffe) in this free staring game on the iPhone. Or have characters from The Office stare at you instead, in The Office Stare Machine.
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What my autism classes didn't teach me

2 hours 24 min ago
"Right before I went into high school, my parents enrolled me in a couple of social skills classes to prepare me for the change," she tells me. "They taught me how to behave in certain social situations, like when girls go into the washroom together, or how to behave when you get invited to a party, or when you want to ask someone on a date. That's where I think the classes switched from being useful to being controlling."
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Apparently, "Whatever" happens one time out of five

2 hours 24 min ago
Last month, Beverage Industry published their 2014 US Beer Category Report, and Dylan Matthews at has compiled the numbers into their favorite thing: charts! There's a few interesting details, but the biggest one is that not only is Bud Light one out of every five beers purchased in America, but sells more than all import, craft, cider and malt beverage sales combined.
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Happy trees? Not all 381 times.

4 hours 18 min ago
When it's time for some mellow craftiness it's time for Bob Ross. But what if you want to know how many times his paintings included palm trees? Cumulus clouds? What if it's time to apply some good ol' fashioned conditional probability to his oeuvre? Then this is the place to go.
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"It's possible I have bitten off more than I can chew"

4 hours 40 min ago
"This is the petty tyranny of inconvenience — just as the heroine believes that her individual comfort somehow justifies the enslavement of roughly a hundred other human beings, romance readers feel it's inconvenient and uncomfortable to reflect on the ways the genre not only has marginalized but continues to marginalize not only characters, but also readers and authors of color. This book was not written by an obscure self-published writer with a small niche audience. Sandra Hill is a New York Times bestselling author, a genre mainstay for the past two decades; she is still writing books set in the contemporary South, though I am certainly not going to read them." -- Romance author Olivia Waite reviews Sandra Hill's Frankly My Dear, set on a sugar plantation in 1845 Louisiana, as part of the blogging from A to Z challenge.

The Blogging from A - Z challenge is to post every day (except Sundays) in April, each day chosing a subject that starts with a letter of the alphabet. For her own challenge, currently up to N of Z entries, Waite chose to blog about intersectional feminism in Romance: Every day in April, Sundays excepted, I will post about an author or a book that features something other than the straight white wealthy cis able-bodied mold romance is so wedded to (see what I did there?). These will not be reviews in the usual sense, though I will usually mention whether or not I find a book compelling as a romance. Instead, these posts will be literary or structural analyses with a feminist lens, using as much privilege-checking as I know how to bring. Many of the books are no longer new, so if you can think of more recent releases that grapple with the same issues, please mention them. Sometimes, as with Sandra Hill's novel, this means looking at a problematic work to see what it's doing wrong and what this means for romance as a genre, sometimes, as with Jacqueline Koyanagi's Ascension, it means looking at a book that gets it right and show how it does it: It's easy to say that Jacqueline Koyanagi's luscious debut Ascension ticks just about every box on the anti-kyriarchy bingo card: our heroine is a queer disabled woman of color (in space!). She falls in love with a disabled starship captain who's in a polyamorous relationship with another queer woman: a medic who plans on having children with a man-slash-engineer-slash-sometime-wolf. But like we saw with Her Love, Her Land, this book was written from deeply within the perspective of the identities it represents. The characters' disability is a plot point, but it's not The Plot Point — the same goes for queerness and race: they're baked in, functions of character rather than Moving Moments. Polyamory gets a bit more of the Very Special Episode treatment, but this aspect is presented as bridging a gap between two different planetary cultures, one more sexually conservative than the other.

And all the characters are compelling, and several scenes made me gasp out loud (Adul!), but what I can't wait to talk about is how this book treats the problem of humans having bodies. Each of the reviews Waite writes contains spoilers, sometimes also for related books, as Waite takes care to put each novel in its proper context, with links for further reading and her sources in the endnotes to each post. The complete list of posts is linked from her introduction post.

A definition of intersectionality.
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"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

5 hours 32 min ago
That Time The CIA And Howard Hughes Tried To Steal A Soviet Submarine | You may recall this (previously) epic post about this subject, but it is time to update the story with recently declassified documents (PDF: Search it for the term "Azorian" and you'll find some 200 pages of info.) Or just read the first link for the Cliff's Notes.
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"Boxing is a business."

6 hours 46 min ago
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Honey, we're gonna need a load of quarters

7 hours 6 min ago
These machines were always too darn hard .... a 3-year-old boy feared missing by his mother was found safe and sound inside an arcade claw machine in Nebraska on Tuesday.
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Ferry with 470 Passengers Sinks off Korea

7 hours 18 min ago
Ferry with 470 Passengers Sinks off Korea Scores still missing, many of them high school students on an excursion. According to comments on the Marmot's Hole Korea blog, passengers were told to wait in their cabins rather than gather on deck. Video from Japanese Fuji television.
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Behind the Stall Door

7 hours 41 min ago
The Private Lives of Public Bathrooms "The public collides uncomfortably with the private in the bathroom as it does nowhere else, and the unique behaviors we perform stem from a complex psychological stew of shame, self-awareness, design, and gender roles. "
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Une agreable surprise!

8 hours 59 min ago
Victorian Prudes and their Bizarre Beachside Bathing Machines. If you were a beachgoer in Georgian or Victorian times, more specifically, a female beachgoer, your day at the seaside would've likely had all the fun sucked out of it by a little invention known as the bathing machine.
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Woodward is Elmore's 'Heart of Darkness'

11 hours 8 min ago
Elmore Leonard's Detroit. With map. Part of Grantland's Detroit Week.
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A Magical Miniature World Of Snails

11 hours 51 min ago
Talented Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has an eye for taking photos that bring small natural worlds up to our level, showing us how the world might look if we could see it through the eyes of an ant, snail or lizard. Mishchenko's interest with the miniature natural world around us began early on in his youth. "As a child, my father taught me to hunt mushrooms near my home and we would always come across all manner of bugs and creatures," he told dailymail. "As I got older and my interest in photography grew, I decided I wanted to catch these magical scenes on camera." Mishchenko shoots his unwitting models in their natural habitats, but whether or not they even realize that they're being made to model for a photo shoot is unclear. His photography feature snails enthralled by drops of water or kissing and insects stretching across gaps of water in setups that are nothing less than picture-perfect. Unsurprisingly, Mishchenko has a colorful of history and has worked with a wide variety of art forms – he lists woodworking and painting as other artistic interests of his as well. It's definitely worth paying this Renaissance man's website a visit and checking out the rest of his work! And if you like his images, be sure to check out Thomas Shahan's macro photography of jumping spiders as well (Previously).
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Women, submit!

12 hours 34 min ago
Project ROSE is a Phoenix city programme that arrests sex workers in the name of saving them. In five two-day stings, more than 100 police officers targeted alleged sex workers on the street and online. They brought them in handcuffs to the Bethany Bible Church. There, the sex workers were forced to meet with prosecutors, detectives, and representatives of Project ROSE, who offered a diversion programme to those who qualified. Those who did not may face months or years in jail.
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