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AMC Demotes Mad Men's Peggy And Joan to Celebrate Secretary's Day

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 1:44pm

In celebration of what Mad Men would, of course, lovingly call Secretary's Day, AMC is out with a Twitter image featuring Peggy and Joan who once were, but no longer are, secretaries on the series.

It's a curious move but hey, they're bigger stars and much more well known then the current stars on the show so it's all good.

Wish your secretary a Happy #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay from our office to yours! #SecretarysDay #MadMen

— Mad Men (@MadMen_AMC) April 23, 2014
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If Your Airport Gate Seat Starts to Recline, Don't Get Up. You Could Win Free Airline Tickets

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 1:28pm

To tout their fully reclining World Business Class seats, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines decided to give away two free World Business Class tickets to the first person who fully reclined in a tricked out airport seat that was altered to recline like the seats do on the airplane.

And that's all there really is to the stunt. And that's about the closest most of us will ever come to flying in style like that.

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How the Collaborative Economy Will Affect Marketing And Advertising

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 1:00pm

For the better part of the past year, Altimeter Group analyst Jeremiah Owyang has been trumpeting what's called the collaborative economy. Loosely defined, it's all about people getting what they need and want from each other without buying. Think Uber, BlackJet, Rent the Runway, Airbnb, LendingClub, etc.

I reached out to Jeremiah to ask him what this shift means for brands and how they need to rethink their marketing efforts to mirror the changes brought about by the oncoming collaborative economy.

Read the rest here...

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Gisele Bundchen Butchers Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' For A Good Cause

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 11:14am

H&M hooked up with supermodel Gisele Bundchen to create a cover of Blondie's hit "Heart of Glass" which will be released on Ultra Records with proceeds going to UNICEF.

Produced by Bob Sinclar, it's all to promote H&M's summer fashion line.

Even with aggressive autotuning, the song is, shall we say, not that great. But, hey, it's for a good cause so head over to iTunes and download it. No one ever said you have to actually listen to it.

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Diesel Hijacks Chinese Porn Sites to Launch Fashion Campaign

Wed, 04/23/2014 - 9:55am

Latching on to the well known fact that no matter how difficult it might be for people to find porn online when they really want to, they will most certainly find it, Fred & Farid Shanghai launched Diesel Erotica, a stunt that placed its non-pornographic fashion imagery in a zip file and unleashed it in a bit torrent file. Here's how it went down.

As you may know, China has always been very strict about pornography. It is banned everywhere including online. However, there are still ways for users to find pornography especially, for example, Japanese porn movies, Bit Torrent file sharing websites or Off-shore porn forums. But, due to censorship, those channels are never spoken about on social media even though they are well known by everyone.

The campaign features an ex-exotic dancer, rapper Brooke Candy and model Tessa Kuragi.

The agency disguised the campaign as Italian pornography, compressed all the pictures and videos into one zip file, named the file with an erotic name, Italian XXX, converted the zip file into a bit torrent File and we uploaded the file online.

The agency then promoted the file on porn channels, and asked a well known fashion-industry key opinion leader to download it.

As soon as the KOL downloaded it, an auto-generated message was "accidentally" shared on his social media "xxx has downloaded xxxx.torrent" file."

This message, of course, went viral triggering his followers to comment along the lines of "LOL, what did you just download" etc. It was then spread all over Sina Weibo. And famous Japanese porn star Ruka Kanae reposted it.

This stunt, which Fred & Farid has dubbed a, "smart, quick, simple, zero-investment hack," resulted in 5000 reposts, 2000 comments and 60,000+ downloads of Diesel Erotica files.

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This Forbes Stunt Highlights the Sad Fact People Only Care About Successful Looking People

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 3:05pm

Well this is intriguing. Leveraging the notion that life isn't fair and people make decisions based on appearances over need or skill, Y&R Prague created a social experiment as part of a promotion for Forbes Magazine.

The agency had a man pretend to be ill in a public square. No one came to his aid. But when they did the stunt a second time and dressed the man up in a suit, within 15 seconds, several people came to his aid. Same man, different clothing.

The campaign's tagline -- Life is Unfair. Get An Unfair Advantage -- hinges on the fact people are far less likely to come to the aid of a person who, shall we say, appears to come from less than average means. And, like it or not, we are reminded that success (or the appearance of success) can, figuratively and literally, be a matter of life and death.

The takeaway, of course, is that we all should read Forbes so that we become successful and are viewed as such by those around us as such. But it's not just that. There's really two messages here. The first has to do with people's perception of success and how it defines a person. The second is that success is something we all should chase because, like it or not, life really is unfair and, for our own self interest, we should do whatever we can to get an unfair advantage.

Or maybe it's just that all guys should dress like the the models gracing the pages of GQ.

The video is in Czech. Turn on captions for subtitles.

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Watch This Promo For Paul Walker's Last Movie

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 2:47pm

On April 25, Paul Walker will appear on the silver screen in his last movie, Brick Mansions. In a tie in with the movie, Relativity Sports is out with a video, created by Portal A, in which parkour dancers from the movie gyrate around a LED lit basketball court inside a dark warehouse while Washington Wizards point guard John Wall does his signature Slam Dunk Contest dunk. All while Paul Walker appears on giant screens in the background

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Watch How Penguins, Time Travel And Slow Motion Fruit Come Together in Wacky Hard Lemonade Ads

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 11:23am

In perhaps the wackiest campaign for hard lemonade (or anything for that matter) we've seen in a very long time, Duval Guillaume is out with three goofy videos for Carlsberg Breweries featuring Seth and Riley, a couple of inventors who think they've got it all figured out. Sort of.

Like many other startups that are now hugely successful companies, Seth and Riley hope to make it big time too. But let's just say, they're results, perhaps, aren't ready for prime time.

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How Brands Can Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 10:57am

Over the last several years, social media has emerged as an effective tool for generating leads. Two-thirds of online adults use social networking, and almost half use it daily. Customers and prospects are using it to discover new offerings and educate themselves as they go through the buying process.

Brands have seen social media become a vital channel with which to engage their customers, to amplify their messaging and to garner more qualified leads. This step-by-step guide shows you how to use social media to support your lead generation efforts, and serves as a blueprint for marketers who want to know the specific steps required to create lead gen campaigns that are promoted via social media.

Download the whitepaper now to maximize your social media's ability to generate leads.

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Hey Brands, Did Facebook Screw You? Here's How to Move On

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 10:56am

The web is buzzing with arguments that Facebook has become a bad deal for marketers. On Forrester's blog, Nate Elliot wrote that brands can now reach just 6% of their fans organically, citing a recent study from Olgivy. Brands are also discovering that a lot of their 'likes' come from fake fans. Elliot cites blog posts from several companies that detected 'like fraud' ranging from 40 to 90 percent.

For years, brand spent millions thinking that Facebook fans would be their earned media channel, but recently, Facebook has decided that the way to drive revenue is to force brands to pay to reach their fans. This strategy netted $7.87 billion in revenue last year and has left social marketers without a significant earned media solution -- so they think.

From Brand Reach to Advocate Reach

Facebook is not screwing brands the way marketers might believe. Savvy marketers are getting over the fact that Facebook is replacing the era of earned media reach with pay-to-play marketing.

However, by limiting the reach of brands, Facebook is not simply driving advertisers to paid ads, but also protecting the value of the social network and their shareholders. With Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others becoming meccas for social marketing, Facebook cannot sacrifice the user experience in the name of marketing. Were the news feed to overflow with brands posts instead of content from friends, people would abandon Facebook in droves.

People want real conversations and content from people they actually know, trust and like. You don't need 1 million fans to have reach--what you need is a group of loyal brand advocates who feel strongly that they can benefit their friends and themselves by engaging with your brand and sharing your content. In fact, our research at SocialChorus shows that as few as 260 advocates can reach more than 1 million fans.

As I've discussed elsewhere, people have a deep biological yearning to share their immediate experience and a social impetus to build their self-concept on the web; associating with brand content helps them to do both. Moreover, the evolution of social decision-making has made humans intrinsically altruistic--even when doing so might not fulfill their immediate self-interest. Under these forces, people are prolific sharers.

So rather than lamenting the end of organic reach, brands need to empower people to share their message and thereby rebuild their earned media channel. Brand advocates - a company's customers, employees and business partners - will become allies in this effort share the brand message, if and only if brands meet a few criteria:

1. Identify Your Real Advocates

Every successful brand has advocates that love your products, love working for or with your company, respect your company and tell their friends and family how awesome your brand is. You need to identify them on the social web, where word-of-mouth can scale. This sounds easy in concept, but it actually takes some careful research, especially in industries where 'dark' social sharing (i.e. emails, face-to-face conversations, instant messaging) is prominent. This is not something that Facebook's paid targeting tools can do for you.

2. Look Out for Your Advocates

You shoot your brand and your advocates in the feet if you publish content that no one wants to share. You must build and uphold a reputation for generating and distributing superb content. Typically, great content is not promotional--it's interesting, funny, inspiring, educational or somehow beneficial in its own right. Instead of paying for reach, you need to create content so good that people want to extend the reach of your brand.

3. Show Gratitude for Your Advocates

Provide exclusive access, behind-the-scenes "insider" engagement and VIP experiences for the advocates who spread your brand message. Even though real fans aren't spreading the word in expectation for a reward, you stand to strengthen that relationship when you surprise your advocates with your thanks. Most fans feel invisible because brands can't hear, see or honor their loyalty. Make your advocates feel respected and visible.

For those brands than gained or could have gained an organic following at scale, but lost this earned media channel due to rule changes at Facebook, advocates are the answer.

Facebook isn't screwing brands - they're saying hey, if you want to build a social presence, you need to start authentic conversations and let people run with them. So marketers, you can either pay for Facebook to promote you, or you can become a remarkable brand - one worth remarking on. It's your choice.

This contributed article was written by Dave Hawley, VP of Marketing at SocialChorus.

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Women React to Ridiculousness of Dove's Real Beauty Stunts

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 9:50am

Way, way way back in the Day, Dove did that thing where they revealed the extreme photoshopping that goes into the presentation of most models. Since then they've done several other stunts which focus on the perception of beauty. They usually focus on how many women do not view themselves as good looking as others do.

This stunt from comedy group Above Average creates yet another spoof but this one goes a bit further creating its own full blown experiment spoof illustrating how real women might react to the tricks Dove plays on them in their stunts.

The reactions are, as another brand says, priceless. Give it a watch.

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Agency Enlists Creepy Stalker to Recruit Interns on LinkedIn

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 8:45am

Are you a young college aged student hoping to land a dream internship in a New York ad agency? If so, you may have noticed a creepy looking dude named Donald Buscando has visited your LinkedIn profile.

At first you may freak and lock things down like a 13 year old hiding their social media profiles from their parents. But don't. You might miss out on a sweet gig. You see, Donald is the creation of Mother New York and it's all part of a summer internship recruiting program.

If you make it to Donald's profile, you'll see some oddities sprinkled with a basic recruitment message:

"I spent a few hours on your profile looking deep into the soul of your business related online identity. From what I saw, you should apply.

Are you a copywriter or art director? I've closely examined your portfolios and you should apply.

Are you a designer? You have beautiful with bezier curves. You should apply.

Are you a strategist looking deep into what makes people tick? Yes. You should apply, too.

Do you want to work in the shop? Don't know what that is? Sounds like you should apply.

Are you a producer who makes things happen? I've seen your profile and yes you are. Yes, apply."

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Maybe the Pleated Plaid Miniskirt Isn't the Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Wear

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 2:24pm

Hmm. And we thought the pleated plaid miniskirt was the hottest thing a woman could wear. After watching this DB Latina Puerto Rico-created Axe ad, we may have to reconsider.

We've watched the ad twice and we're still not sure what they're selling. Deodorant insurance? Who knows. From the moment a woman dressed in a short black miniskirt and high heels struts into view and says something along the lines on, "In the game of love, there are times of war," our focus was, shall we say, distracted.

So do us a favor. Give the ad a watch and let us know what they're really selling.

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Top Five Media Buying Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 1:17pm

When it's time to build your brand, promote your product, or rollout the next big thing, you'll need to engage in a media buying strategy. Whether you carefully plan a formal launch or dash off a back-of-the-envelope proposal and forge ahead immediately, everything will hinge on optimizing price and placement.

But how will you know if you're getting the best value for your dollar and reaching the largest number of potential customers? How can you avoid making a major media buying mistake? Here's a list that can help: A rundown of the top five media buying mistakes - and how to avoid them:

1.Lacking a clearly defined strategy: Too many media buyers fall into the trap of launching a campaign without specific, measurable objectives. Before you make your media purchases, analyze the data and identify whom you want to reach by demographic group and lifestyle pattern. Plan your media outreach carefully, and make sure you have clear goals.

2. Not reserving money for testing in the budget: It's advisable to be budget-conscious when planning a media buy, but unless you set money aside for testing, you're being penny-wise and pound-foolish. Keep in mind that up to 90% of commercials fail. If you conduct testing, you can focus on the approaches that succeed and adapt your strategy to generate positive results.

3. Putting all of your eggs in one basket: When planning a campaign, it's important to diversify your media spending so that you cast a broader net. Spread your media spending out, avoid loading up in one area, and then monitor response pockets so you can refine your approach and target the most productive regions.

4.Cutting ad spending without in-depth analytics: As the ad campaign progresses, you'll likely take a look at your spending and identify areas to make cuts. Don't make the mistake of only viewing the most recent activity and basing your decision on that alone. Media responses aren't fixed and predictable - they're volatile, which means you'll need in-depth analytics to see the big picture.

5. Inadvertently stopping momentum: To accurately evaluate campaign effectiveness, you'll need to measure frequency. Too many media campaigns that are just starting to gain momentum are cut short by media buyers who fail to fully analyze frequency, and thus miss the signals that a campaign is gaining steam. Make sure your analytics solution measures frequency.

Launching a media campaign is exciting - and a great opportunity to deliver brand impressions and build product or service awareness. But before you get started, it's important to think through every phase and plan ahead to ensure that you get the maximum value for your ad spending.

By starting off with clearly defined goals, diversifying your media spend, testing for effectiveness, analyzing thoroughly before making cuts, and measuring patterns, you can improve your odds significantly. To make sure you've achieved optimal price and placement, avoid the top five media buying mistakes, and you'll be well on your way to a successful campaign.

This contributed article was written by Rick Wyerman, SVP of Product Services at I.Predictus.

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HBO's True Detective Villain Narrates Kipling's Law of the Jungle for Bruins Playoff Ads

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 12:52pm

Here's some decidedly different NHL advertising from Arnold Worldwide. To steer clear of the usual hockey advertising trope that's usually filled with "rampant heavy metal, distressed footage and highlight orgy's," Arnold Worldwide crafted a couple of beautifully serene spots that capture an entirely different side of the game.

The first spot, entitled "The Calm," shows the tension and internal contemplation leading up to the initial faceoff. That calm is then violently disrupted by the wrath the Bruins bring to the ice.

The second commercial, "The Wolfpack," reinforces the notion of team. Rudyard Kipling's poem "The Wolfpack" is read over footage of the team both on and off the ice. The poem is voiced by Glenn Fleshler who, most notably, played Errol (otherwise known as the Yellow King) in HBO's series True Detective.

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Why You Really Are An Idiot If You Wear Google Glass

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 11:03am

No, this isn't another item about Robert Scoble taking a showers while wearing Google Glass. But it's most certainly the same idea taken to extremes. It's bad enough we're all glued to our phones when we could be interacting with those around us but check out what happens during dinner with this four-eyed family.

It's all to tout mobile banking from First Bank. The ad, created by TDA_Boulder, illustrates the idiocy of dealing with Google Glass-like technology and signs off with, "The FirstBank Mobile App. Technology has never been so easy."

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Why That 12 Keys Anti-Drug Campaign With Babies Was So Awesome

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 10:33am

It's not every day that you see a baby drinking beer or attempting to do lines of cocaine. Do we have your attention yet? Good. It means 12 Keys Rehab's latest ad campaign is working, and you haven't even seen it yet.

There happens to be a long history of babies and young children being used in advertisements; it's a practice that dates back to the 1800's, though it would be quite some time after that until actual photographs of babies became fodder for ad campaigns.

One particularly memorable advertisement from the 1950s featured a baby being served a soft drink - an image that most of us would find reprehensible today, given recent findings that have found similarities in dental damage between soda drinkers and hard drug users.

Is it that much of a stretch, then, that 12 Keys has leveraged babies in their anti-drug campaign? To be sure: unlike that soda ad from decades ago, their message is meant as a deterrent - not as encouragement for the behavior pictured.

They're Just Like Us

The title of the 12 Keys ad campaign is "They Are More Like You Than You Know" - a fitting title, given the fact that it's sometimes hard for us to remember that we all were babies once, and looking at a baby is to look at the future.

Of course, the pictures themselves are mere window dressing for the real message: each photograph is accompanied by an alcohol or drug statistic, some of them as startling as the images themselves. Some examples include: "7 million children under 18 in the U.S. have alcoholic parents" and "If you're addicted to alcohol during pregnancy, they will be too."

He Has Your Eyes (And Habits)

While these advertisements are obviously meant to shock, it's not difficult to remember that there's nothing but good intentions behind the imagery. It's a reminder that nothing parents do happens in a vacuum, which is to say that even our unborn young can potentially experience the impact of our bad decisions for their entire lives.

You're familiar by now with the words "the children are our future," but 12 Keys has reminded us that this truth comes in many forms. Their goal is to shed some light on a trend that still seems to be inexplicably rife with confusion, misconceptions, or simple ignorance.

Investing in the Future

12 Keys is a rehab facility, which means they spend a great deal of their time treating adults for alcohol and substance abuse and addiction. Their mission statement is a great deal broader than that, however; to borrow their own wording, "drugs aren't only an adult problem." They've reminded us that adult decisions don't confine themselves to the adult world.

At the end of the day, these pictures can resonate with us because they remind us of a simple truth: addiction fuels addiction. In a society ruled in part by narcissism, it's refreshing to see our collective awareness growing when it comes to the toll we take on future generations.

This guest post was written by Shane Jones, a content expert who's specialty is with online advertising campaigns. His real passions however, lie in print media. Follow his opinions on Google+ and keep up-to-date on his latest ad projects, The Happiness Theory.

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How to Organize An Event That Doesn't Suck

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 10:17am

Are you planning an event? Are you a marketing event planner? Did your boss just ask you to organize a one day conference and the closest thing you've ever planned was a trip to the grocery store? Fear not. Formstack, a company that does just what it sounds like it does, is out with an infographic (hey, they're easy to digest) entitled The Anatomy of A Perfect Event that will give you a few basic pointers.

The basics? Use email. Use hashtags. But don't use more than one hashtag. Start promoting 3-10 weeks in advance of the event. Have a live stream of the event. Use Foursquare to promote the event. Use Twitter to expand the reach of your event. Use Facebook to promote your event. 78% of planners use it. Follow up with email after the event. Do a post-event survey.

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This Follow Up to Bud Light's Super Bowl 'Up For Whatever' Falls Flat

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 12:33pm

I don't know. Give this next chapter of Bud Light's Up For Whatever entry a view. To me it just comes of as if it were an overzealous ad school student version of the original. If you recall, the brand launched a celebrity-studded version of this ad during the Super Bowl in which the likes of Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly and Arnold Schwarzenneger along with One Republic show one guy an epic night.

In this second outing, a couple of guys, Jesse and Luis, get to hang with NBA All Stars Alonzo Mourning, Karl Malone, Penny Hardaway, Bruce Bowen, Darryl Dawkins along with Benny the Bull and experience a basketball lover's dream.

It all falls kind of flat.

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Dylan Thomas' 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night' Beautifully Highlights Medical Efforts in Tanzania

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 11:47am

Here's some beautiful new work from New York-based agenda:NY for the new Abbott Fund campaign. Directed by Ruben Latre, the work, produced by Hostage Films, was created to highlight the global work done through Abbott's international partnerships across the globe. Director Latre spent 10 days in Tanzania filming at the Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salam. Latre came onboard as director & DP for the campaign, which filmed in hospital environments and features the trials and tribulations faced by patients and doctors.

The video is backed by a voiceover which slowly intones Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Which a fitting testament to the plight faced by those highlighted in this vodeo

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