Branding & Consumer Behavior Fall 06

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Think Different

Think Different

A little Benny Goodman on the iTunes?

Can you have fun with Legal Research?

Well we tried.

The higher-ups wanted something that would help West lose it's stodgy image.
It was shot in a a day. I had fun making the fake url ""

Choco-slim Three Scenarios

  1. After I saw my friend lose a bunch of weight, I felt I could do it.
  2. After I lost the weight, I felt like showing the world!
  3. After I bought a new wardrobe, I felt like a model on a runway. . .

Cathy and I concepted these three scenarios for our Choco-slim Re-Branding concept for AYDS diet candy.

Ad for Cleveland Drivers

See the commercial for Trajectile Dysfunction. Work done for Cleveland Driver golf clubs by a small shop called Brainsaw.


Chayse and Libby 

Target:  Purchasing managers of medium to large private security agencies.

Problem:  I need to find a product to make my company the most efficient in the market

Objective: I need to find a product to make my company the most efficient in the market

Strategy:  Demonstrate that Segway is the simple solution to make your company the best

Brand Drivers

Segway will label your company as innovative

Segway will make your company more efficient

Segway will make the company the leader in the business (king of the hill)

Segway will increase company profits and shares

Segway will make you the coolest

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