Helena Graff

These are the targets that Ryan and I came up with for McCain/Giuliani.

Helena Graff and Ryan Cobble

1. Republicans

D: Male/Female, Caucasion, Anti-Abortion, Catholics (strong morals and beliefs), Anti-Gay marriage, Business Owners, Straight (sexual preference), Large Incomes

P: Conservative, Strong Willed about morals and beliefs

2. Democrats

D: Male/Female, Caucasion, variety of sexual preferences, Peacemakers (anti-war), Pro-gay rights, Unions, Middle Aged

P: Liberal and very openminded.

3. Undecided

D: First time voters (right out of High School), Undereducated about politics/voting, Variety of races/sexualities, New citizens, out of touch with representatives, Voting isn't taken seriously, Male/Female

P: High school students, don't understand what voting entitles

4. Minorities

D: Underpaid (lower than minimum wage), Undereducated about politics, Male/Female, Living in the United States, Large Families (more than three children), Variety of races, Middle aged (30-60)

P: Struggling from day to day to provide for family and survive society, always have to be worried about being assumed as "terrorists" if they look different than the majority of population and also watched closer than the rest of society.

5. Senior Citizens

D: 55+, Men/Women, Living on Social Security, High Prescription bills monthly, Higher hospital bills, mixed Republicans and Democrats, Losing Social Security and retirement funds

P: Living only off of social security every month and getting worried about losing their social security and retirement funds because they're running out.

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