Larson Manta Project


Image by Gary_Koelling via Flickr

Sunday I picked up (what I think is) a 1980 Larson Manta with a mid-60's vintage Mercury 100 hp six banger. It's a 15 ft. fiberglass runabout, and it looks like it's been run about quite a bit. The gelcoat is pitted and cracked and the keel looks like it's had some fairly serious repair. The good news is it floats and runs - so the boys will finally have a fishing boat. We'll see how much of the work on it this summer is refresh versus restore, either way, it looks like we'll have some fun.

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Hey Gary,

I'm the guy that purchased this boat from you!  I ran across your post while searching for more information on the boat.  Thought it would be fun to update you on the project I purchased from you.  After I purchased the boat I gutted the floor and seats.  I put in a new floor and had the front seats refinished.  I've installed a trolling motor and did some tuning to the old "tower of power!"  Since then everything has been great!  I've used it to fish quite a bit and also pulled the kid around on a tube.  Next week I'm going to cut/remove the passenger side cousil and turn it into a single counsil type fishing boat.  Sounds like a lot but it will not be to much work.  Hopefully next year I'll be able to trade the motor in for something a bit more efficient!  I'll send some pictures of what has been done once I'm completed.  Thanks again!

cool. thanks for the update.

cool. thanks for the update. glad to hear the 'tower of power' is humming.