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steve on the super broncthomas  j sent me a message the other day:

hello...i just purchased a rolling frame...super bronc...just like
yours...did you put a converter clutch on it or a regular mini bike
clutch... also what size engine do you have  on yours and how well does it
move...i am not looking for alot of speed just a comfortable ride...any
insight that you could give me would be greatly

My reply:

Hey, thanks for the message. I put a Tecumseh 5 hp on the frame and bolted a 'Torq-a-verter' to the motor which is a centrifugal clutch and a torque converter setup and that runs a chain to the back wheel from the torque converter. 30 years ago it came with a Briggs 8hp which had plenty of go - 50mph top. The 5hp I've got now goes about 35mph top end (course I'm a little heavier these days) on a flat paved road but I kinda wish I had a little more oomph up long hills. Good luck


Larry's Super Bronc

no idea who larry is but it looks like fun

bare frame

bare frame

Rusty and crusty but should clean up and repaint just fine.

Super Bronc Ad

Super Bronc Ad

The ad that started it all.

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