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children at play

"Children at Play"


"How to make a bubble holder"

This is basically an outline of the material I covered the weekend of Oct. 5,6,7 2006 as part of 3 workshops I lead at the AIGA Design Camp. If you attended the workshop and found that I left something out. Let me know in a comment. If you attended the workshop and were inspired beyond words at the time (understandable) but have now regained the ability to express yourself, leave a comment. Or if you found me to be scattered and full of shit, leave a comment (if you must).

Our best anthropologists, driven by observation, curiosity and short attention spans are children. They are also our great storytellers, taking what they’ve seen and imagined and trusting their imagination to assemble fantastic and important narratives. They play. Then, too soon we’re told, “Don’t stare” and “Get to work” And we forget how to see, how to play. Our ability to tell compelling, believable stories suffers. Find out how to get back to what you were born to – human story telling. And as we move from an information economy to an innovation economy, relearn how to play and how to say the darndest things.

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