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Lemon Heads

Name:  Brett EssmanClass:  Consumer Behavior/BrandingDate:  10.5.06Product: LemonheadsTarget: KidsDemographics: Male and Female, all races, 7-13, income is allowance based, a family size of 2-3 kids. Psychographics: self-centered, going for a sugar rushThese kids want to buy low cost candy that taste good and fulfills their need for that sugar rush.  Parents are at work all day so they have an allowance they are given to keep themselves occupied while the parents are working.  Their activities include but are not limited to: riding bike around town, playing video games, renting and viewing movies, recreation activities such as baseball, swimming, rollerblading, etc.  Problem:  Motivation is social belonging.  “I don’t want to be left out.”Objective:  Way to make friendsStrat

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