humanizing the digital experience

 chicago public library October 24, 2006

I'll be at the Forrester Consumer Forum called Humanizing the Digital Experience tuesday and wedsnesday. If there's anything interesting, i'll post it.

From the brochure: Cheap devices and the mainstream adoption of broadband and wireless networks make technology a more accessible, everyday part of people's lives. Just a few cases in point: More than half of online US households use broadband today; sales of camera phones will bypass digital cameras within three years; and sub-$100 PCs are bringing technology to global masses. At the same time, people are exerting more control over digital experiences by generating their own content and connecting with others online — witness the double-digit growth of social networking sites like MySpace and LinkedIn. These empowered consumers expect technology to conform to — not dictate — their needs and behaviors. Thus, they have zero tolerance for clumsy, cold, and confusing digital experiences. At this Event, leading Forrester analysts will present research on how brands are humanizing the digital experience, and industry executives will share their companies' best practices for creating inviting and intuitive multichannel experiences.

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