An Open, Social Practice

ifyoutalkedtopeople - gapingvoidAwhile ago Steve Bendt and I put some of what we thought we knew about social technology and how it could influence marketing into a slideshow. We called it "An Open, Social Approach." It was principles, kind of airy stuff without a ton of practice, based on what we thought we'd learned from building BSN (BlueShirt Nation) and Giftag and some other stuff. Now, about nine months later, we have a growing body of practical implementations at Best Buy we can compare and contrast with the principles laid out back then.

Barry Judge reviews the principles and their practice as part of the experiment and John Bernier gives a review of the experience of managing the project and finally Lars Forsberg recaps the whole development experience behind @twelpforce and Best Buy Connect.

You can also watch the practice unfold daily at IdeaX, The Best Buy Idea Exchange.

From where I'm standing it looks like the principles translate pretty nicely into practice. But I'd like to ask you all to help compare and contrast the principles versus the practice - I'm only one point of view afterall.

out of bullets

out of bullets

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An open, social approach

Steve Bendt and I are trying to get straight how what we've learned over the last three years in the world of social technology (bsn , giftag , etc ) can be put to use across more broadly. We've been fiddling around with some thoughts, trying to get it to make sense for our employer - Best Buy. Below is a slide share of where we are topline - each slide has specifics that will be attached.

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