i'd jump

 I've had a Yahoo! email account for 12 years. I have a pro account on flickr . I also use on a daily basis. If microsoft bought Yahoo!, i'd leave them behind and start using my gmail account as my main email and probably picassa for photo sharing. I'm not sure what I would do about - mozilla has some stuff i could switch to. It's a bummer. I really like Yahoo!, except for the exclamation mark at the end - never liked that.


FlockSo this is your new browser. I'm not given to gushing, but this browser is fucking cool. Maybe check back in a couple weeks but so far, pretty cool.

It looks like a Yahoo! Mozilla joint and it seems very geared to the lifehacks crowd - very two oh friendly. This may be the beginning of the kind ofZoho - Trademark thing where you just make or take a browser for yourself or your org and integrate to a suite of net apps that suits you.

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