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Guest post from Cameron Gross

This week, our team published Best Buy's first application for the Android platform. It is a beginning. We look at it as a work in progress. Can we call it "beta?"

We have a lengthy list of features and user stories we are working to implement. For now, our first release includes: search, browse, add to cart, complete purchase (through Best Buy's Mobile website), and the beginnings of some offer delivery on the home screen. Our process is one that encourages the release of a "work-in-progress" for users to try and provide feedback. It is this feedback that will guide the priorities in future releases.

Features at the top of our list include:

* Store locator
* Improve search
* Add Reward Zone features
* More offers

After that, the pile of ideas we are working to develop is tall. They are just ideas. Ultimately, we are hoping to get guidance from users and their preferences to determine the features we should add next. If you have ideas, please feel free to email us (, comment here, or post your suggestions on IdeaX.

An Open, Social Practice

ifyoutalkedtopeople - gapingvoidAwhile ago Steve Bendt and I put some of what we thought we knew about social technology and how it could influence marketing into a slideshow. We called it "An Open, Social Approach." It was principles, kind of airy stuff without a ton of practice, based on what we thought we'd learned from building BSN (BlueShirt Nation) and Giftag and some other stuff. Now, about nine months later, we have a growing body of practical implementations at Best Buy we can compare and contrast with the principles laid out back then.

Barry Judge reviews the principles and their practice as part of the experiment and John Bernier gives a review of the experience of managing the project and finally Lars Forsberg recaps the whole development experience behind @twelpforce and Best Buy Connect.

You can also watch the practice unfold daily at IdeaX, The Best Buy Idea Exchange.

From where I'm standing it looks like the principles translate pretty nicely into practice. But I'd like to ask you all to help compare and contrast the principles versus the practice - I'm only one point of view afterall.

Making of Best Buy Connect and Twelpforce

Reblogged from BestBuy Apps blog today:

Inspired by Ben Hedrington’s ConnectTweet, the concept was simple; Connect BlueShirts directly with customers via twitter. In less than two months, Enomaly developed a Python application on Google App Engine to syndicate tweets from Best Buy employees and rebroadcast them. Thereby allowing customers to ask questions via twitter (@twelpforce) and have the answer crowdsourced to a vast network of Best Buy employees who are participating in the service. Now the answer to “looking for a Helmet Cam I can use for snowboarding and road trips” is only a tweet, Best Buy Apps, Jul 2009

Read the whole article.


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The first Best Buy iPhone app

Our first iPhone app just went live. It's super simple right now - it gives you weekly deals and store locator.

From the description: The Best Buy Mobile app allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to view weekly and mobile-only specials and find the nearest Best Buy store. The current version doesn’t have all the cool features we want but it’s a start. Look for product reviews, exclusive content and click-to-buy features (among others) in the coming weeks and months. Let us know what you think of this version and tell us what you’d like to see in future versions.

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