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wufoo=kinda cool. here's a quick form i made at wufoo:

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blueshirt nation

blueshirt nation

BlueShirt Nation is a secure and private directed network aimed at the one hundred thousand or so employees working the retail floors of best buy.

I created the site using an open source content management system (cms) called Drupal running on a linux/apache server. The cms uses php and mysql primarily with some javascript and ajax. it is currently in beta and fully functional set to pilot with some 2200 members oct. 1 2006.

Update 10/2007

The site is in perpetual beta and has been available to all Best Buy employees since February 2007 and has over 15,000 members, acquired largely via word-of-mouth, as of November 2007.

porsche - "highest race"

 online porsche emo video of the the pikes peak race

porsche - "art of movement"

 a quick online emo film for porsche

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