Computer World Presentation

Steve Bendt and I are going to be presenting at the Computer World’s Premier IT Leaders Conference in the beginning of March. The presentation is called "Fight Club. How we built a social network at Best Buy and how it built us. Using DYI software to have fun, piss people off and solve business problems." Nice huh? Steve said I must have been angry when I came up with the title but I think it'll actually be an interesting look at user oriented app design. Here's our final slides with our presentation notes attached. Please post any comments, questions or critiques.


the open social strategy

What if you want to implement an open, social brand strategy ? (They go great together, open and social). Here’s a place to start.

The word, social, usually gets mashed up with another word that tends to steal the show. Like social+network or social+media. So I guess it strikes me that before we even start talking about strategy we should explore the concept of social. What comes to mind? It’s stuff humans do with each other - each other. We’re not social with machines or animals or with plants or rocks. Social happens between humans. This is called a ‘relationship.’ Communities. Clubs. Congregations. Friends. Companions. Buddies. Shared interests. Shared problems. And the glue? Mostly, trust.

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