kerosene smells from electric appliances


Strangest thing happened recently. A few days ago we varnished some wood trim that we installed as baseboards, window and door casings etc. We sprayed it all with an oil based varnish before putting it up. The stink from the varnish was pretty powerful. We had windows open and fans blowing for several hours. We even left the windows cracked all night just get some air exchange. By the morning most of smell was gone. 

Yesterday I put on a fleece sweater that had just come out of the dryer. Yeesh. It smelled like it had been dried with jet exhaust. The smell of kerosene was so intense I couldn't wear it. I pulled a sweatshirt out of the laundry basket and it smelled too. The whole load smelled like it kerosene. Not good. 

I figured the dryer was going bad. It's a gas (natural gas) dryer that's ten years old and I figured it was just giving up the ghost. I told Heather we should go get a new dryer. She said we should have the oven checked too. Our oven is electric and less than a year old. She said it smelled like kerosene too. Wha? I started it up, let it get warm and sure enough - kerosene. WTF?

Two appliances at opposite end of the house, one gas, one electric going bad at the same time... Kerosene smell, the only connection. Grrr. Does not compute.

So I Google "electric oven smells like gas". And here's what I see:

From Cindy in Dallas TX

"Today when I have used an electric appliance (toaster, oven, dryer) I have smelled a smell and the best way to describe it is that is smells like kerosene. There is no kerosene in our house. I'm concerned. Any thoughts? Anyone been through something like this.

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